Our Story

Success requires hard and persistent work

“PASTRAMI” is our first sandwich and burger restaurant located in the very center of Yerevan.

We know that the success of our company is the result of the hard work we do. Our enthusiasm and great desire to do what we love, persistence, and self-confidence will help us reach all the goals we have set.

From the very first day, we had set a goal to make the BEST possible sandwiches and burgers only using the best quality products.

It took us more than 2 years to get the best pastrami recipe, build the production process, and make amazing Pastrami sandwiches. The process was long because, in fact, it is very difficult to get the recipe for making delicious Pastrami. It takes 17 days to make Pastrami and before finding the ideal recipe each process lasted more than 17 days. By the way, during those 2 years while trying to find the ideal Pastrami recipe we had used over 300 kg beef.

Now, we offer our customers the world-famous Pastrami delicatessen, sandwiches made with Pastrami, high-quality burgers, delicious pizzas, steaks, salads, and more.

Our priority is to serve delicious, high-quality food in a pleasant atmosphere.

About Pastrami

The world-famous meat delicatessen

Pastrami is an old European dish. Ancient Romans named Pastrami the hunting meat which was marinated in special spices in order to stay fresh until hunters reached home. In 19 century Jews immigrating from Romania took Pastrami with them to the U.S.A., where it became a very popular dish, particularly in New York.

We make Pastrami from Aberdeen Angus marbled beef. It takes 17 days to prepare the meat-first, we marinate the meat in 17 different spices for 14 days, afterward smoke it in a wood smoker using wood from various types of fruit trees which provides special flavor and sent. Further, the meat is slowly cooked at a low temperature for 3 days using special technology to make sure it preserves all the nutrients. Pastrami is made after this difficult and thorough work and thus is recognized worldwide as a meat delicatessen.

So, if you like tender meat that falls apart and appreciates the smokey flavor, the pastrami is a delicatessen that You will adore!

About Pulled Pork

Feel the flavors of Texas

Pulled pork is a Southern American tender and flavorful meat made from shredded pork shoulder. Making sensationally pulled pork requires smoking the pork in a wood smoker and later slowly cooking until the meat starts pulling apart. BBQ sauce is added to the meat to complete the smoky flavor. Paired with BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and a burger bun, pulled pork makes for one of the beloved burgers in the U.S.A. At “PASTRAMI” we serve both pulled pork and pulled chicken, to provide meat choice.

About our burgers

Fresh and delicious

We make delicious, unique, and authority burgers. Even the pickiest guest will find a satisfying flavor.

The secret ingredient of making phenomenally delicious burgers is that there is no such ingredient. We simply use ONLY fresh and high quality ingredients. We make burgers only from Aberdeen Angus marbled beef, nothing else, but real MEAT. We use the “Never Frozen” method, meaning that we never freeze the meat. Our burgers do NOT contain any food additives (thus they cannot be considered as unhealthy food). The meat is prepared “Well Done”, but based on the order the burger patty can be prepared “Medium”.

If you are a real burger lover then you would definitely love us!